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Honda Civic Hybrid 2005- 2006

2006 - 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

But thatís not even the best news. The real reason Honda has retaken the lead, or at least moved up, in the hybrid race is the phenomenal gas mileage it boasts. Brace yourself: 50 mpg hwy and 50 mpg city. Thatís no typo, itís 50. In the 2006 hybrid model, with a single tank of gas, you could drive over 600 miles before even thinking about filling up. (Can you hear Exxon shaking?) Through innovations like an electric-only, no-combustion mode for low-speed cruising, an air conditioning system that runs off the electric motor, and a friction-reducing, efficiency-boosting engine design, the Civic Hybrid goes and goes. Not too shabby for a car that accelerates from 0-60 in just over 10 seconds.

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