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Toyota Prius Wagon

Toyota Prius Wagon on the way says Toyota.

Toyota Prius Wagon

The consumers spoke and Toyota has listened. In a couple years Toyota will be releasing a new option with their Prius - a wagon! That’s right. The primary purpose of the wagon will be to “attract more commercial customers looking for a green delivery vehicle that may save on fuel costs.” The wagon option is scheduled to be available on the 2010 or 2011 model Prius, a year or two after the new redesigned, roomier, more powerful, and fuel efficient 2009 model shows up on the showroom floor.

The Hybrid X rewrites the design rule book for hybrid models with unconventional creative solutions that could become the norm for future hybrid designs. A key concept is Vibrant Clarity - a design ethos grounding all design work in a unique and emotionally vibrant identity that speaks clearly of Toyota. Offering sustainable mobility for modern families, the environmentally advanced technology is another step closer to Toyota's vision of a zero smog-forming emission future.


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