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Aptera All Electric Eco Vehicles

Aptera - All electric - 120 Mile range. Top speed 90mph.
Ever had Minority Report car envy, or have day dreams of hovering to work in a saucer like George Jetson, well have we got news for you! On November 19, 2007 Carlsbad-based Aptera announced that it is now taking fully refundable reservation deposits of $500 toward its all-electric vehicle that has styling's unlike anything the automobile world has seen.

The three wheel vehicle (which based on its wheel layout and weight, is registered as a motorcycle) looks more like a household version of a passenger plane, or flying saucer, than a car. Its aerodynamic lines make it hard to believe that it won’t lift off at any second. The company hired the design firm, 'Eleven', led by Jason Hill and Nathan Armstrong.

Aptera and Eleven made impressive strides by developing body styling, interior design, and structural engineering to maximize efficiency using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The company also developed and built advanced suspension and drive train components, and integrated a strong yet lightweight composite shell. The vehicle uses a small, water-cooled EFI Gasoline engine with closed loop oxygen feedback and catalytic converter that is coupled to a lightweight 12KW starter/generator. The result is a very clean and quiet ride, with an acceleration of 0-60 time in 10 seconds. But most impressive is that the car has an astonishing range of 120 miles, and its hybrid version will provide more than than 300 miles per gallon.

The incredible vehicle was slated for release in 2008 and is sold at under $30,000. With its outrageous lines and tempting efficiency, it will be exciting to see the market response.

To reserve your Aptera for $500 go to:

Aptera - All electric - 120 Mile range. Top speed 90mph. Aptera - All electric - 120 Mile range. Top speed 90mph. Aptera - All electric - 120 Mile range. Top speed 90mph.

Aptera, which is Greek for “wingless” is a three-wheel two-seater that boasts to be one of the most fuel efficient cars on the road. Although technically not classified as a car (they’re calling it a motorcycle) the Aptera is in development and the company is taking pre-orders from California residents. It goes from 0-60 in less than 10 seconds and the price tag is as light as the model, they only want $26,900 for the all-electric and $29,900 for the plug-in hybrid bad boy. This is truly a spaceship on wheels!

Riding in the Typ-1 is sort of like being in a high-tech fishbowl. There’s incredible visibility from all sides except the back, which is equipped with a rear-view camera that displays whatever’s happening behind the vehicle on a trio of computer screens.

Formed from high-tech fiberglass that isn’t just lighter than steel but 10 times stronger, according to Fambro. The Typ-1 has yet to be crash tested, but Fambro says the crumple zone on the Typ-1 is longer than that of a typical car, and the crush strength of the roof and side doors is stronger than what’s been mandated for a regular passenger vehicle.

This website will help you to see that there are many other options available to us as consumers to satisfy our transportation needs and desires. We do not have to think that the options at our disposal are all going to be ugly, and/or box like. Actually that is about as far from the truth as you can get. Manufacturer's like General Motors, with their Chevrolet, and Saturn branches. Also Toyota, and Honda, as well as BMW, Lexus, Ford, Chrysler, SSC, Hyundai and many others have jumped into the eco car reality. Some companies by choice to help make our world a better and greener place to live. A place that has less emissions, or even better no emissions from the vehicles that we choose to drive.

By setting strict guidelines as to what we as a society will tolerate for the new emissions levels coming from the vehicles that we produce, purchase and drive. Deciding to not buy and or use vehicles that do not meet our personal requirements is a good place to start. Write to your state representative telling them that you want them to enforce stronger regulations on the newer vehicles that are being produced in our country. The rest of the world and auto makers will conform as well once we set the example of making our world a better place.

"Aerodynamic improvement is a critical step in meeting the range targets necessary for moving the vehicle to a final production decision." Aerodynamic drag accounts for approximately 20 percent of the energy consumed in an average vehicle, directly impacting vehicle fuel efficiency. Aerodynamics development begins with a 1/3-scale model where basic shape and major features are defined. The model includes a highly detailed underbody and engine compartment. Radiator and under hood cooling flow is developed with computational fluid dynamic models. Simultaneously, computation development takes place to determine aerodynamic drag of design alternatives. Development continues with full-scale models, where shape is refined and optimized for low wind noise. The development process concludes with a vehicle prototype validation of the math-based analysis and physical testing.


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